Worlds Largest Slot Tournament

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Project Story
One of the most exciting projects I ever worked on was creating an automated slot tournament system that allowed a casino to instantly turn every slot machine on its casino floor into a tournament game.
Before our technology, slot tournaments required dedicated machines and a designated area. Unfortunately, this outdated approach required significant labor to move machines.
Our system revolutionized how slot tournaments could be run and allowed us to set a Guinness World Record for World's Largest Slot Tournament!
I don't have any design artifacts to share from this project, but I was responsible for the overall product concept, design, and UX/UI, and I managed the team that developed it. Therefore, I not only had to design the player experience, but I had to design the operator experience as well. This process involved many usability testing sessions with multiple casinos to make the application intuitive and rock-solid. If the application were too complicated and unstable, casinos would not be willing to use it for such massive player events.
The videos above show how exciting this product is!

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