Monopoly Top Hat Roulette

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Walk around of game as shown at G2E 2018
Top Hat Bonus Feature - as shown at G2E 2018
Project Story
This was one of the most ambitious game experiences I ever designed & produced. We devised the idea to create a community play game that would be displayed on five curved portrait mode screens that formed a cylinder. We wanted some of the content to be synchronously displayed across all five screens and allow players to bet on the outcomes of one another. 
This game was a hybrid of Pachinko and Roulette and featured an optional bonus bet where if the roulette ball fell through Mr. Monopoly's top hat, it would trigger an exciting bonus round feature.
I wrote the game design document, created animatics (to describe some of the game events to the team), designed the UX and UI for the betting interface, did the sound design, produced the game, and managed a team of Unity game developers, 3D artist, industrial designers, and electrical engineers to rapidly develop the game for G2E 2018, the casino industry's largest trade show. 
Early Cabinet and Game Concept
Finished Prototype Game and Cabinet

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