eLearning Based Rewards Program

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I was hired to design an eLearning-focused rewards program for a MedTech company to improve overall engagement and enjoyment of their products and services, with the ultimate goal of teaching users how to take a more active role in improving their health.
Product Designer (UX/UI)
JIRA Roadmap (Epics & Stories)
Sketch, Figma, AdobeXD, Zeplin   
Users only open the mobile app when their doctor orders a test or survey, and they often do not complete the tests or take the surveys until the doctor's office reminds them via phone or email.
I modified their existing mobile app to incorporate classic gamification features such as earning badges, leveling up, completing quests, and earning points that can be redeemed for rewards. I designed a back-office application for creating eLearning-based quests that consist of tasks the user must complete, such as taking vision tests, surveys, reading articles, watching videos, etc.
The project started with a brainstorming session with the VP of Product, VP of Marketing, Director of UX, and CEO. Through these sessions, I learned all about their existing mobile app and services and how they were being used by patients. They also provided me with Sketch files of the current app, so I could create some rapid prototypes to get feedback from the team. After a few revisions based on the input from the group and my observations watching them interact with the prototype, I started hosting Zoom sessions with actual users (patients) to validate the designs by having them interact with the prototype.
I wrote the product requirements doc, created user flows, provided annotated Sketch files that I uploaded into Zeplin and synced with JIRA, and I created a Style Guide. I was also responsible for writing all of the epics and stories in JIRA.

Figma Prototyping

Figma Prototype Demo Video

Annotated Sketch Files in Zeplin

XD Wireframe Prototyping of Back Office Application

XD Prototype Demo (early concept)

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